Beautiful Breathtaking Toledo

Toledo is a great place to start a holiday in Spain because it is only 70 kilometres from Madrid and is a small enough city for jet lagged individuals to appreciate. A wonderful example of a medieval walled city and so we looked forward to wandering around to see famous monuments at leisure.

We arrived in Toledo at around 4pm Spanish time Sunday May 3 and some 28 hours after leaving our home in Adelaide Saturday night. Our flights were uneventful and we had a bit of a wait at the car rental desk at Madrid airport but we were pleased to arrive at our accommodation in Parador Toledo with relative ease. Giulio was an old hand at driving our red VW rental car and didn’t bat an eyelid when he couldn’t find the headlights as we went through a longish tunnel near Madrid.

A warm shower then a cold beer on the Terrace overlooking the town of Toledo was enough to revive us. After that a wander through the medieval walled city, a quick tapas meal, a glimpse of sunset from our room at 9pm and finally a good sleep.


Next Morning

While we are having our second coffee of day at La Abadia and G is reading Spanish newspaper  I will quickly finish this post. This morning we felt refreshed after great sleep and have been getting lost in the town again. The good thing about wandering somewhat aimlessly is the unexpected excitement in coming across amazing sights: gorgeous geraniums in artisan pots, large BMWs and jaguars squeezing through narrow cobblestone lanes, tiny churches lovingly cared for inside with beautiful flowers and  artistic treasures, old puertas through which one sees views long into distance from this high up town.

Of course, walking around before 10am means that most places are shut. We have not yet acclimatised to the Spanish rhythms of slow morning starts and partying late.

Greetings to everyone wherever you may be.



4 thoughts on “Beautiful Breathtaking Toledo

  1. Hi AM,
    Sounds like an adventure already!! Packing and now Toledo.
    I went to Toledo when I was 22 years old….20 years ago! I’m sure it hasn’t changed much. Good luck with getting into the rhythm of late dinners and partying…did you take a frock???
    Look forward to hearing about your adventures.




  2. This all looks wonderful Anne-Marie. I remember Toledo being a beautiful old town. Hope you’ve got in to the Spanish rhythms of life – I’m sure it won’t be hard to do so and especially to enjoy the food!

    I am very jealous of your travels.


    Love Judith >


  3. Your first day In Spain!!!!

    It is funny to think in Gulio driving whitout ligts for a tunnel,….

    You had lucky, any policeman stopped to fined

    Enjoy yourself

    See you soon


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