Touring in Segovia province

As my late mother would have said “we have landed on our feet” in our new accommodation  a casa rural here at Sotosalbos, a small village 18 km from the town of Segovia. Tranquility reigns supreme along with fresh, bracing air in this slightly mountainous village.

A stark contrast to this morning’s torturous drive from Toledo to Segovia with numerous traffic jams along the autovias. Giulio coped very well including driving in and out of Segovia (nerve wracking) where we spent three hours or so before arriving in Sotosalbos.

I am sure that we did not do Segovia justice. A charming town with beautifully maintained architecture and a Roman aqueduct which looked in better shape than the Coloseum. Perhaps a few too many souvenir shops and tour groups for us.


Our little hotel here in Sotosalbos is called Hostal Buen Amor. There are 12 rooms but we haven’t seen any other guests- I don’t think it’s a bad sign! I hope not. The hotel looks ancient and we have a kind of suite in a large attic area. A jazzy bathroom with skylight. Wooden beams everywhere, 3 lovely windows with amazing views across to the mountains. Our own pot belly stove, under floor heating, a small library of books and Spanish DVDs, an antique writing desk, comfortable armchairs, a round table with chairs catching the sun in front of a window. All of this just in our “room”.

I will report further on this hotel after our 3 nights here.

Thanks for your comments. It’s great to hear from you and I hope you are all enjoying life wherever you are.



3 thoughts on “Touring in Segovia province

  1. Hi Anne Marie!
    I hope you are having a great time in Segovia.
    You had a bit of bad luck! Last weekend was a long weekend in Madrid, (Friday and Monday were public holidays) and Toledo and Segovia were probably full of people because they are close to Madrid ( many people from Madrid travel to Segovia on weekends only to have lunch 😉 and after a long weekend, there are always traffic jams in Madrid.
    Disfrutad mucho y que tengáis un buen viaje. ( enjoy and have a nice trip!)


  2. Looks very comfy. Will look forward to your final assessment Anne-Marie.




  3. Now that the traffic snarls are behind you the onward journey will be a delight! Enjoy exploring Segovia.
    Safe travels, Janet


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