Salamanca – A gem of a Spanish city not to be missed

This is our second night in the so elegant small university city of Salamanca.We have now returned our car after walking along the walls of Avila en route to Salamanca.

Our hotel in Salamnca is located right on Plaza Mayor with our balcony overlooking the vibrant square. As I write this on Saturday night another free concert is about to begin in the plaza – we have a great view and will probably shut the doors and windows when it gets too late or loud.


Giulio and I are both tired and looking forward to a change of pace with the first day of our Camino tomorrow. We plan to start early because it will be quite hot. We need to walk 36 kilometres on our first day.

At the moment I feel so full of lovely Spanish food that I fear I can barely walk 3 kilometers.My favourite dish so far has been Judiones, a dish using large butter beans to make a stew with pork and chorizo. I am fascinated that jamon or chorizo are used in so many Spanish dishes, even salads and fish dishes.


The cathedral, churches, university buildings, museums and historical architecture have been breathtaking. But the real highlight has been the chance to observe the Salmantinos enjoy their Saturday in such festive fashion. Plenty of  family gatherings involving multiple generations, a few weddings being celebrated, students disappearing into old, beautiful buildings through tiny, wooden doors and lots of dogs being walked.

Salamanca is a gem of a city to visit.



2 thoughts on “Salamanca – A gem of a Spanish city not to be missed

  1. Hi Anne-Marie,

    Well its all sounding lovely and I’m suitable jealous 🙂
    How beautiful to meander around the squares of Spain…how’s your Spanish?

    I hope your walk starts well…good luck for the 36 kms…… get those boots on!


    PS: on my first day at qiba…the computer crashed…no powerpoints, no videos..nothing! I had to think on my feet…it was ok though. I managed.


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