Camino Days One and Two : Salamanca to Zamora




Day One

From Salamanca to El Cubo del Vino was a long first day (about 36 kms) but we arrived at our destination just as the heat became very trying at about 2.30pm. We were very tired so it was great to see the village appear in the distance.

Our albergue for the night was surprisingly pleasant. We had our own room, very clean bathroom and a hearty 3 course meal including a baked apple.

Along  the way and over dinner we swapped stories with fellow peregrinos from France, Holland, Italy, Denmark and Sth Africa. Most walkers are oldies, very few young people.

We slept well and prepared our packs the night before so that we could leave early at 6 am and walk in the cool of the morning.


Day Two

Today’s walk was about 32 kms mostly done in the cool morning with two stops at cafés before arriving in the beautiful town of Zamora. Filled with beautiful, old historical buildings it is a great place to enjoy a cerveza in the plaza in late afternoon.

Our accommodation in Zamora is my first experience of a pilgrim hostel. A great way to feel young and some fascinating people to meet.

After tomorrow we will probably lose the internet for a few days. Our first week of walking includes long walking days because the terrain is largely flat. Once we start walking in hilly country we will have shorter distances to walk- something to look forward to.


4 thoughts on “Camino Days One and Two : Salamanca to Zamora

  1. What a wonderful trip you are having! I really enjoyed your descriptions of the towns, Salamanca etc as we spent some time travelling that region and greatly enjoyed it. Good luck with your hiking – hope your boots stay soft.
    Love Helen


  2. As long as the village in the distance is not a mirage you know that you are still on track to reach the end of the Camino. Seems that you are both having a great trip. Stay safe and happy walking.



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