Camino Days Six, Seven and Eight: Santa Marta de Croya to Puebla de Sanabria


Day Six

This was the most beautiful walking track we had experienced so far. A 28 km walk following a river to the town of Rionegro del Puente. Lots of trees, bushes with bright yellow and red flowers and many gilder rose trees. As we crossed a bridge into Rionegro we met an elderly lady (82) who was thrilled to answer our questions about accommodation options. As well, she offered to show us a room in her house.

We accepted without thinking too much, had a shower ( cold) and washed our clothes as was our daily routine on the Camino. Before long, three more of our Peregrinos friends ( the German couple and Danish lady) were shown into their rooms. All three bedrooms were occupied and our elderly lady was delighted with her 75 euro for the night. We enjoyed our evening meal and conversation immensely that  across the road in a bar.

That night we all paid the price of too much vino.

One by one in the early hours of the morning we woke each other up trying to creep down to the toilet in this creaky house- creaky beds, 2 flights of creaky stairs, four doors to screech open before arriving at the outside toilet in 0 degrees. We all tried to be quiet and we all failed miserably. At least there were no broken necks. Why on earth did we stay there? The most spectacularly effective marketing exercise I’ve ever seen!

Day Seven

A chilly start to this 25 km walk from Rionegro to Asturianos and how wonderful to be walking in the cool. First coffee stop at Mombuey was terrific, delicious coffee and croissant. The pathway was not so interesting but there were some pretty villages further on. Our stop at Asturianos was a special and prearranged one because at that point we were to be picked up by car by our  Spanish friends Belen and Rodrigo and driven 15 kms to the lovely town of Puebla de Sanabria to enjoy a civilised and restful weekend together. We were cheating I suppose and we felt somewhat guilty as we farewelled our Peregrinos friends to join the world of being a tourist.

Day Eight

My legs have enjoyed a rest today. We have now said goodbye to Belen and Rodrigo who have driven back to Logrono.We had a great time together wandering the town of Puebla de Sanabria, a lovely meal last night with delicious pimientos stuffed with prawns and rice, very tasty octopus and today an unexpected drive to the Portugese town of Braganca. We saw a fantastic castle and had a magnificent morning tea of fresh orange juice and Portuguese cakes.

Thanks Belen and Rodrigo for driving so far to visit us. We will enjoy our second night in the comfy bed on our hotel tonight and resume the Camino tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Camino Days Six, Seven and Eight: Santa Marta de Croya to Puebla de Sanabria

  1. It’s good to hear you are having such a great adventure Anne Marie! It sounds wonderful.


  2. Hi Anne-Marie and Giulio, so lovely to be following your adventures. It is a real treat to receive each blog. Keep up the good work!! love Jane


  3. Hello, AnneMarie and Gulio, It was an authentic pleasure to drive to Puebla de Sanabria and to join with us.
    Rodrigo and me enjoyed a lot with us.


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