Plans for Our Portuguese Camino

Anne-Marie and Giulio are embarking on the Portuguese Camino leaving from Porto on May 2nd. It will be 250kms in length and we plan to spend 11 days walking.
We leave Adelaide on April 19th and will spend the first few weeks in Andalucia and Porto.
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4 thoughts on “Plans for Our Portuguese Camino

  1. Hello, Anne -marie you are “un amor” (in Spanish).I hope for you the best in this new camino. This morning I visited Roncesvalles and yesterday San Jean Pied de Port, I was walking in “Selva de Irati” and I have remembered my love for “El camino de Santiago”. And besides, for the way, I could know you. Good way!!!!!


  2. Hi Belen, great to hear that you are exploring and walking. We are excited about our trip! We will be in Córdoba April 20.Adios!


  3. Hola :

    Me alegro tener noticias vuestras y os escribo en español que es más fácil para mí.

    Yo también hago este año el Camino portugués. Parto de Lisboa hacia Santiago el día 8.

    Os deseo un buen camino.

    El año pasado hice la Via Francigena desde Aosta hasta Roma. Una maravilla pero las infraestructuras para los peregrinos no son como en España.

    Un abrazo



  4. Hi Alfonso
    Great to hear that you are walking so much. Giulio and I fly from Seville to Porto today. Lots of rain here in Seville but very good tapas. Love to you and Luisa


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