Footsteps in Seville

Our footsteps in the beautiful city of Seville have taken us along plenty of winding, narrow lanes in the old city as well as through the gardens and more modern areas near Plaza de Espana. To do justice to this city we really need more than 4 days but that is all we have so here are some of our highlights from walking around the city.


Stroll or cycle through the Santa Cruz neighbourhood

The Santa Cruz area was the Jewish quarter in Seville and is made up of a maze of long and winding narrow streets. Popular with locals as well as tourists it contains many many tapas bars, churches or synagogues, hotels, small shops specialising in flamenco and guitar and important monuments. Impossible not to get lost so it is best not to worry about it but just stroll about and be assured that you will find an unexpected treasure around every corner and alley way.

Near the Cathedral in Santa Cruz

Visit the Real Alcazar

Famous for being the oldest Royal Palace still in use in Europe the Alcazar is worth visiting for the extensive gardens as well as the ornate Palace interiors which have extensive Christian as well as Moorish influences. Watch out for the crowds so book online and go early.

Inside Real Alcazar


Walk around Plaza de Espana and nearby gardens

The Plaza de Espana was built in 1929 and the building and surrounding Maria Luisa Park and other gardens, statues and monuments provide a fresh contrast to the more historical areas. The University of Seville is also nearby and worth walking through to see how this remodelled tobacco factory has been transformed into a lovely university.

Near Plaza de Espana a monument to famous poet Becquer


Enjoy the best tapas

Our footsteps have taken us to various tapas bars but we keep coming back to our favourite, El Rinconcillo near Santa Catalina. It is the oldest bar in Spain (1670) and now has an extensive series of seated dining restaurants as well as the original bar. Our preference is to eat tapas in the original bar and be part of the party atmosphere. Each day 3 special tapas of the day are made in addition to the entire menu. Great value, home cooked food and exceptional service.

At El Rinconcillo
Cutting the jamon with great care at El Rinconcillo

Walk across the river and explore Triana

If the crowds in the tourist areas of Seville become overwhelming it can be a good idea to walk across the river on the Isabel Bridge to the neighbourhood of Triana. It’s laid back, has lots of flamenco, some fine  statues and churches, interesting ceramics and a wide selection of bars and cafes. It also has a fabulous market with top quality produce.

Tomatoes from Triana market


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