Portuguese Camino in May: Day Two




Arcos to Barcelos

Today’s walk of about 18 kilometres was another straightforward day with no dramas. Apart from the afternoon heat walking conditions were again ideal and again we didn’t get lost.

We saw more pilgrims along the route and swapped stories over coffee in the bars along the way or under the shade of a tree.


Today’s route went through several small villages before arriving at the larger town of Barcelos. Lots of beautiful flowers especially roses, sounds of birds and roosters all the way and an ever present wholesome smell of manure.We walked alongside many rural scenes of farmers and their families preparing fields for planting or preparing hay.


A surprise awaited us in Barcelos. We discovered that today Wednesday is a public holiday for this area and the biggest celebration for this Festival of Crosses is happening on the doorstep of our centrally located hotel. Open air concerts, sideshows, a procession to start at 5.30pm, a series of open air concerts and fireworks at midnight. I have not yet decided if this is a nice surprise or not!

Festival of Crosses in Barcelos

The procession left from one church in Barcelos and arrived at the main church about one kilometre away. We could not get near the crowds at the end of the procession so we mainly looked at the start of the procession. How amazing to seee so many people involved, particularly young people playing in bands and dressed in historical costumes. One has  to admire this community spirit in celebrating old traditions. We were lucky to be observers of such a spectacle.


10 thoughts on “Portuguese Camino in May: Day Two

  1. I suspect you got little sleep last night, Anne-Marie?? Those Portuguese love a party! There is nothing like seeing the local culture first hand though, is there? Wishing you more blue skies! Mel


  2. Wow! Sounds exciting! What a happy coincidence to be there at that time. Good to see more people in your photos!! I think that walking in the heat would be really taxing. Can’t wait to go there. Susanna


  3. It looks as though you have perfect weather for your walk. Some amazing photos too, of scenery and historical buildingss, unlike anything ww might see here in Australia. I’m really enjoying your blog AM.
    Robyn and Geoff xx


  4. What a wonderful day and evening. I bet you slept through the fireworks! Heat wise with the big packs it must be taxing. I think I’ve reached my limit there now. It would be just lovely to walk so closely through people’s lives and get a really good insight into their day.


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