Portuguese Camino in May: Day Five

Cossourado to Porrino

Today was a tough day, about 35 kilometres in very warm conditions and we had to walk through several large towns and outer suburbs. While the arrows were still good for directions it was not always easy navigating large towns. The rural sections were always easier and more relaxing.


The first large town that we walked into was the medieval walled town of Valenca in Portugal. This town sits on the River Minho and a short bridge joins it with the large hilltop town of Tui in Spain. The two towns are in different countries and only separated by a bridge of several hundred metres. Walking through Valenca was fun- lots of the original medieval wall still standing.


Across the river we were in Spain – a good place to be for those of us who want to practise speaking Spanish. We walked up steep narrow streets to the Cathedral at the top of the hill and noticed more and more pilgrims gathering in the town to walk the Camino. More people walk the last 100 kilometres before Santiago instead of walking a complete Camino.


We eventually arrived at our accommodation in need of a good rest. The weather outlook is not looking good for the next week. Rain is forecast for the next 6 days so we will see how we go.




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