Portuguese Camino In May: Day Four

IMG_0041Ponte de Lima to Cossourado

Now that we have reliable wifi again I can write about our Camino. Day four was excellent. A warm day with a maximum of 26 degrees and we had about 24 kilometres to our destination of Casa de Capela in Cossourado, a very small town. As we left Ponte de Lima we saw a local market being set up by ladies in traditional dress.

The great thing about day four was that we had limited walking on bitumen roads and tricky cobblestones and a majority of paths through beautiful rural areas with horses, sheep, goats and lots of hens as well as many, many trees in bloom and of course, always bright, beautiful flowers.


For the first time we had a few steep sections requiring some agility to clamber over rocks. But these sections were brief and it meant that we could see wonderful views of waterfalls as we wound our way upwards.

IMG_1287By the time we arrived at Casa de Capela at 2pm we were so warm that we enjoyed a fresh dip in the swimming pool. We spent the afternoon chatting with other guests, a group of six from a Seattle hiking club and a couple from New Zealand. We were transported to a nearby restaurant for a wonderful dinner and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

2 thoughts on “Portuguese Camino In May: Day Four

  1. How wonderful Anne Marie. I check every day to find out what you have been doing. Your blog doesn’t disappoint. So good to see that people still wear traditional dress and the lifestyle looks more as if it is more gently paced than here.


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