Portuguese Camino in May:Day Nine Final Day

Padron to Santiago de Compostela

Since we started today’s walk from our accommodation 5 kilometres past Padron we had a walk of about 18 kilometres to our final destination, Santiago de Compostela. We would soon be joining hundreds of pilgrims walking from Porto like us (or perhaps from Seville or France or Germany or elsewhere) at  the finish of the pilgrimage in the heart of Santiago. As we started the walk the weather was fine and there were large numbers of pilgrims walking quietly along the track.

IMG_0046Unfortunately half way through our walk today there was continual heavy rain which made visibility difficult. Some pilgrims huddled under trees or in cafes for a time but we ended up walking on into Santiago and heading straight to our hotel. This was somewhat of an anticlimax compared to two years ago when we headed straight to the Cathedral with thousands of pilgrims to see the amazing spectacle of the botafumeiro swinging during the celebration the Pilgrims Mass. Today the  Cathedral was shrouded in cloud.


We are thrilled to have arrived in Santiago and we are looking forward to resting our legs. It is also great fun to chat with other pilgrims who have done different caminos and different distances. While some have walked 100 kilometres others many have walked more than 1000 kilometres and have started a Camino to Santiago from a different country.

A great achievement by all pilgrims.


13 thoughts on “Portuguese Camino in May:Day Nine Final Day

  1. Congratulations to you both. Every day when I get up and go to the computer I find your joyful account of your progress. A wonderfully written travelogue!

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  2. Congratulations on getting to Santiago! Very intrepid pilgrims you both are. I admire your perseverance and stamina!!


  3. ooooooo 🙂 I just discovered you blog today!! I’m walking the Portuguese Coastal Route in September from Porto and have booked to stay my last night in Padron before my final walk to Santiago. Reading this and seeing the photo gave me goosebumps. I’m so excited to be walking this route and counting the days. Shame about the weather, it’s been pretty grim in Ireland too which is where I am currently. I’m hoping for better in September. I’m seriously impressed that you did this route in 10 days!!! I’ve set aside 12 days LOL. I’m just about to go back and read your previous posts!! Buen Camino


  4. My pleasure, I so enjoyed reading them all. My husband and I also enjoy walking but what with me and my camera and him and his binoculars we can never manage more than about 9/10miles in a day. So we would never keep up with your husband!!


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