Reflections on Portuguese Camino in May 2017

For me there are three distinct parts to doing a long walk. The first  stage is the planning and research which I always enjoy even if time consuming.

The second stage is actually doing the walk which can be surprising and tough.

The third stage is about processing the experience and using this to make future plans.

Here are my impressions following the Portuguese Camino we walked in May 2017 from Porto to Santiago de Compostela (250km)

This is a great walk for a first Camino because most paths are not steep and are easy underfoot, the signage that I saw was excellent and there are plenty of interesting towns to break the journey and walk short days.

Accommodation options were plentiful and we were delighted with most places we stayed in especially some of the Casa Rural homes in Spain and Manor Houses in Portugal.

Food and wine were unquestionably of high quality throughout the Camino. Breads, cakes and vino verde in Portugal and tapas, soups, albarino and mencia in Spain. Just sensational.

Camino was popular but not crowded. Contrary to expectations our Camino was not at all overcrowded with walkers. Perhaps the rain was a deterrent! Lots of European walkers especially Germans and lovely to see people of all ages.

Beautiful towns and villages along route were a prime attraction. Porto, Barcelos, Ponte de Lima, Valenca, Tui, Pontevedra but especially Arcade.

You are nearly always close to nature on this Camino. Recent rerouting avoids most bitumen roads and in spring there are plenty of flowers, trees, birds and animals. Lots of gentle pathways next to rivers and across Roman bridges.


Interesting Accommodation

Villa d’Arcos (Arcos)

Casa do Pinheiro (Ponte de Lima)

Casa de Capela (Cossourado)

A Casa de Meixida (Padron)

Cosy Restaurants with great food

Restaurant Isape (Arcade) 9.5/10

Bagoeria Restaurant (Barcelos)

Café Bar Derby (Santiago de Compostela)


If you are interested in walking a Camino to Santiago this one would be a good one to walk.






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