Irresistible Iberian Food Dishes

1. Paella – a great local dish throughout Spain – this one from Spanish Pyrenees. Rich with seafood and saffron. Best enjoyed in home cooked fashion in a family run cafe.

2. Padron Peppers –  from Padron or nearby in Galicia, Spain. Not always in season. If you are lucky they will be chargrilled for just the right amount of time with added salt. A touch of hot peppery flavour but only a touch. Good for tapas.

3. Mussels Marinieres – from Hotel Isape in Arcade, Spain. Very tasty especially with added paprika and saffron.

4. Rabo de Toro – in English bull tail stew, a specialty of Andalusia,  Spain. A hearty winter dish with the most tender of meat.

5. Portuguese Cakes – good throughout Portugal. Not sure if it’s the ingredients or the centuries of cooking traditions but the cakes in Portugal are all delicious.

6. Portuguese Tarts – these ones are from Braga but you can find them everywhere in Portugal especially at breakfast and morning tea time. So light that they won’t ruin that diet.

Recipes for the above Dishes are all available on the internet.

One thought on “Irresistible Iberian Food Dishes

  1. Yum, yum, yum. I think I ate my weight in Portuguese tarts when I walked that camino! Thank goodness I was doing plenty of exercise to walk them off. Thanks for the memories AND for making me hungry! Mel


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