Footsteps in Adelaide Walk Five: Excursion to Morialta Falls

Six Reasons not to miss Morialta Falls

1. Within half hour of city centre by car or public transport – too easy to take a 40 minute rejuvenating  walk to the Falls from the main car park.

2. Spectacular Australian scenery – no need to go to the Flinders Ranges because you can experience here the red ochre rugged rock formations that are the envy of overseas visitors.

3. Walking Trails of all levels and lengths – no matter your age or physical fitness there will be a walk for you including the stroller friendly path to the main Falls.

4. See nature close up – spot a koala in the countless gum trees, check out the frogs in the creek along the road, listen to the bird songs  and marvel at the native flowers.

5. Be dazzled by a gushing waterfall after heavy rain – the best time to go is usually late winter or spring.

6. It’s Free! Where else in the world can you find a beautiful conservation park 10 kilometres from the city centre with free parking and marked trails?

Getting There

By car you head north east of the city centre to where Stradbroke and Morialta roads meet in the suburb of Woodforde.

You can park near a picnic area and walk 800 metres to the start of walking trails or you may be able to leave your car right at the start of these walking trails in main car park.

By public transport you catch bus H30 to stop 26 (see timetable

You will then need to walk along the 800 metre walking trail to the start of walks.


Pick of the Walks

Valley Walk to First Falls ( 1.6km) – the most popular easy walk done by visitors of all ages.

Plateau Hike (2.5km) – this walk takes you up steps past the giant cave and offers lovely waterfall views from up high.

Second Falls Gorge Hike (5.3km) – lookouts here to both first and second Falls with some challenging sections.

Three Falls Grand Hike ( 7.3km) – a walk for more serious bushwalking enthusiasts taking three hours or more. Great views of waterfalls, cliffs and the Adelaide plains.



Top Tips for Food Ideas at Morialta Falls

Picnic Provisions can be picked up from local Italian specialty shops nearby.

  • Mercato on Lower North East Rd at Campbelltown has platters, a bakery and a variety of Italian smallgoods and wines  
  • Pasta Deli on Glyndburn Rd Glynde has takeaway pasta, salads, pastries and more

Try a pizza after your walk – there are quite a few in this area

  • Campbelltown Wood Oven  Gourmet Pizza – a laid back ambience here, no need to dress up. Have one of Adelaide`s best pizzas in authentic Italian style open Fridays and Saturdays nights only.
  • Fire and Stone another gem of an Italian pizza bar only 5 minutes from Morialta Falls
















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