Footsteps in Adelaide Walk Seven: Stepping Out Along the Beach

A cliff top walk from Marino to Hallet Cove is  a spectacular way to appreciate winter sunshine. Only 17 kilometres from the centre of Adelaide it is a half hour scenic train trip (catch Seaford train to Marino) to the starting point or a short car trip. The advantage of taking the train is that you need only walk one way  and you can even take a shortcut and walk part of the way between stations.

It has to be said that you will only like this walk if you don’t mind stairs, some of them steep! The full length of the trail is 7 kilometres or 4 train stations. On a fine day the views are breathtaking but beware of direct sunlight in summer because there are no trees on the walk.

The last kilometre of the walk enters into the Hallet Cove Conservation Park which features some of the most stunning glacial geology in Australia. You could spend a further hour or two in this park doing the Glacial Hike and reading about the rock formations going back 600 million years.

Art work is also featured on this walk including the statue commemorating the legend of  Tjilbruke created by sculptor John Dowie. This aboriginal monument can be found at the Kingston Park coastal reserve several hundred metres before the official start of the walk.

The walk concludes at the Boatdeck Cafe at Hallet Cove, a fitting place to take refreshment overlooking the rugged coastline.


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