The Relaxing Side to New York

New York is hectic, exciting and sophisticated but it can also be relaxing and rejuvenating if you find the right places to chill out.

Here are four walks that can be easily done in between exploring the fabulous museums, monuments, restaurants, theatres and jazz clubs.

Lose yourself in Central Park Right in the middle of Manhattan and close to the Museum Mile you can wander about or cycle or jog for  half an hour or as long as you like. There’s room for thousands in the extensive lawned areas, around the ponds and lakes and by strawberry fields. Grab a picnic from the Food Hall in the basement of the Plaza Hotel on 59th or eat at the famous Tavern on the Green right in the centre of Central Park.

It’s a Breeze to Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge It takes about 45 minutes to walk across this famous bridge. Views of Manhattan icons like the Empire State and The Statue of Libert can be easily seen if commencing the walk on the Brooklyn side.Here you have a sense of Manhattan being an island as you feel invigorated by the extensive views of water. Take a stroll under the bridge on the Brooklyn side along the water front and through the DUMBO area-it doesn’t take long. Have a coffee break or lunch at Cecconis.

Check out New York from Along the Hudson River Yes New York is definitely one of the best walking cities in the world but contending with traffic lights and pedestrians in a rush can become tiresome. Why not make your way to the walking trail along the Hudson River and proceed to uptown or downtown with ease. Take a break under a shady tree or on a bench and marvel at the special architecture New York style.

IMG_2198 Head for the High Line to Rejuvenate A former train line along west Manhattan one and a half miles in length has been transformed into a linear park of trees, lawns, shrubs, flowers and art work. Starting at 34th street and ending just after 12th street this narrow pathway takes you up close to old tenement buildings reborn as cutting edge housing estates. Hugely popular it is best to go early to avoid crowds. You can join and leave the path at various places along the way. Check out the Chelsea Market at 15th street and the Whitney Museum near 12 th street. Watch out for views of the Empire State and other icons. Take a breather and have a coffee or a craft beer overlooking the pathway.






6 thoughts on “The Relaxing Side to New York

  1. Excellent options! If you’re willing to venture a little further north, Fort Tryon Park is also a beautiful place to take a stroll. And pop in to the Cloisters while you’re there! 🙂


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