Walking from Cañaveral to Jarilla along Via de la Plata

I have now walked three days along the Camino called Via de la Plata, a distance of 68 kilometres. The weather has been dry but hot in the afternoons without shade. I have now adapted to that sensation of being a Pellegrino when you carry everything you have in your pack, your most important job for the day is to find and follow the arrows pointing in the right direction and you meet plenty of fellow peregrinos along the way to lend you a helping hand.

Staying in Canaveral was nice – a cute old pension owned by an Italian couple who were very caring. A wonderful meal that night of grilled trout. On the next day to Galisteo a small town with a medieval wall high on a hill. The following day we walked to Carcaboso featuring more Roman ruins of the Roman miliarios or cylindrical posts that measured miles along the roads

Walking along these pathways in springtime was an ideal time to see a range of wild flowers. With the constant hum of insects and bird calls it was very relaxing.

Heading towards Jarilla the scenery changed to become very green with mountains closer in the distance.

We arrived at the famous Roman Arch of Caparra along the way, once part of a Roman town under rule of Emperor Vespasian.

Meeting other peregrinos along the Camino is always one of the highlights. It is always lovely to chat over a drink at the end of the day as everyone swaps stories of mishaps and special moments.

The experiences of walking a Camino are not regular tourist experiences. Although we may not come across popular monuments or landmarks we are thrilled to be so close to nature and history. Walking into Jarilla along the lanes and hearing the sound of cowbells was unique.

We were saddened to hear of the death of a 61 year old Danish lady near Carceres this morning. She had been walking along the Camino on a long stretch of unshaded bitumen road near Casar de Caceres. This follows news of a younger German man who died a year ago in the same area. We have noticed that high temperatures and conditions in full sun are risky. Being Australian we are fortunate to be well prepared in coping with this heat. The Camino, just like life’s journey can be unpredictable and we all need to take care.

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