Walking to San Pedro de Rozados along Via de la Plata

The last three days of walking have taken us from the hot, dry and remote region of the Extremadura into the cooler and mountainous parts of Castile y Leon. Walking along grassy paths with a view towards snow on the mountains was a pleasing change.

We continued to see Roman miliarios, creeks and streams of water, more wildflowers and large numbers of fine looking cattle and pigs. We were beginning to understand why the pork and jamon tastes special in Spain. Each day we would walk for a few hours before taking a break for a snack. Sometimes we would walk through a village and have a welcome coffee at a bar. Other times there were no villages for breaks along the day’s walk.

Staying in the small village of Fuenterroble de Salvatierra was memorable for the very warm welcome given to us by those in the village. The local Spanish priest devotes much energy to hosting events for pilgrims and improving experiences for those walking. The night we were in the village Don Blas held a short service in the local church to bless the day’s pilgrim walkers. Many of those attending were non church goers but it was exciting to be part of this small ceremony with a total of 23 pilgrims from Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Poland, United States and Australia. Joining hands in a circle Don Blas lead singing of a range of songs as each pilgrim was invited to ring the bells loudly by turning a handle around and around. Through a translator he urged pilgrim walkers to open their eyes to appreciate the beauty in nature and the kindness in fellow travellers.

Walking on to San Pedro de Rozados involved a fair amount of walking uphill and downhill. In fact we passed the highest peak of the Camino so far from Seville – pico de la Dueña at 1145 metres. Arriving in our accommodation at V11 Carreras we were pleased to find internet that worked and a comfortable place to rest and enjoy more lovely Spanish food. Tomorrow will be our last day of walking as we head to Salamanca and farewell our peregrino friends. Only a total of 7 days of walking for me but 16 days for Giulio. I think it’s enough.

2 thoughts on “Walking to San Pedro de Rozados along Via de la Plata

  1. Hi Anne Marie, we have been reading your notes about your last experiences from El Camino. It is lovely to see that after so many times walking so different routes, you are still enjoying it. Your words and pictures are making us think that we have to plan some stages of El Camino as well, since we are missing lovely parts of our own country! We hope the rest of your trip is so enjoyable too.

    Isabel and Jorge


  2. I suggest the Portuguese Camino is a good one – more towns, accommodation and stopping places for coffees!


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