The stylish city of Ferrara

Ferrara is a relaxing city to visit because the historic centre is spacious with wide streets as well as laneways and many piazzas.Riding a bike is the easy way to see the old town but you can also walk around without being disturbed by cars.

The well maintained palaces and churches are a feast for the eyes and the main castle built by the d’Este family in the fourteenth century has been added to and perfectly restored as a museum. You can even take a boat on the moat around the castle. Piazza delle Erbe is the place of the old market and features the strong yellow and ochre tones used in many of Ferrara’s buildings.

Ferrara is part of the region of Emilia–Romagna famous for stuffed pasta, meat based sauce like Bolognese, parma ham, parmigiana cheese and delicious dishes based on fresh vegetables and fruits. We enjoyed lunch at Hostaria Savonarola, a ristorante named after a Dominican friar executed for heresy against the Vatican at the end of the fifteenth century. Our lunch included the traditional cappellacci stuffed with pumpkin and polenta with porcini mushrooms,pancetta, cheese and rocket.

Ferrara is small enough to enjoy in a day and a great spot to enjoy local food.

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