Colourful Cordoba in Spring

Thirty hours after leaving Adelaide we have arrived in colourful Córdoba in Southern Spain. Lucky us to commence our trip in this small, serene city where the weather is warm and long, balmy evenings soothe the soul.We are only here for two days-a chance to catch our Spanish breath and discover a new city for the first time. Highlights of our 48 hours in Cordoba … Continue reading Colourful Cordoba in Spring

Salamanca – A gem of a Spanish city not to be missed

This is our second night in the so elegant small university city of Salamanca.We have now returned our car after walking along the walls of Avila en route to Salamanca. Our hotel in Salamnca is located right on Plaza Mayor with our balcony overlooking the vibrant square. As I write this on Saturday night another free concert is about to begin in the plaza – we … Continue reading Salamanca – A gem of a Spanish city not to be missed

Beautiful Breathtaking Toledo

Toledo is a great place to start a holiday in Spain because it is only 70 kilometres from Madrid and is a small enough city for jet lagged individuals to appreciate. A wonderful example of a medieval walled city and so we looked forward to wandering around to see famous monuments at leisure. We arrived in Toledo at around 4pm Spanish time Sunday May 3 … Continue reading Beautiful Breathtaking Toledo