Irresistible Iberian Food Dishes

1. Paella – a great local dish throughout Spain – this one from Spanish Pyrenees. Rich with seafood and saffron. Best enjoyed in home cooked fashion in a family run cafe. 2. Padron Peppers – ¬†from Padron or nearby in Galicia, Spain. Not always in season. If you are lucky they will be chargrilled for just the right amount of time with added salt. A … Continue reading Irresistible Iberian Food Dishes

Picturesque Porto Hot Destination

TOP 5 THINGS TO DO IN PORTO Porto has been voted top European travel destination for the third time in five years. Situated on the River Douro, colourful historic buildings and homes hug the steep slopes either side of the river. Walk just about anywhere in Porto and you have magnificent views in any direction. Be prepared for lots of steps and steep climbs and … Continue reading Picturesque Porto Hot Destination