Segovia Pedrazza and Sepulveda

Segovia is justifiably a popular and charming small Spaniish city well worth visiting. Two smaller but lesser known towns nearby, Pedrazza and Sepulveda, should also be visited if time allows. We have now been at our Segovia base for 48 hours but it seems much longer. We are so lucky. The hotel is lovely, only a few other guests and we are treated warmly and … Continue reading Segovia Pedrazza and Sepulveda

Touring in Segovia province

As my late mother would have said “we have landed on our feet” in our new accommodation  a casa rural here at Sotosalbos, a small village 18 km from the town of Segovia. Tranquility reigns supreme along with fresh, bracing air in this slightly mountainous village. A stark contrast to this morning’s torturous drive from Toledo to Segovia with numerous traffic jams along the autovias. Giulio coped … Continue reading Touring in Segovia province